Common Portuguese Phrases and Expressions

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It’s going to take some time to learn Portuguese. After all, it is a difficult language to learn. However, don’t be discouraged. In the beginning, it’s best to learn some common phrases and to do your best to start using them right away! This makes learning down the road much easier, as you’ll start to see patterns that will make learning some of the more difficult rules and grammar easier later on. Start learning and practicing some of the phrases found in the links below with your Portuguese-speaking friends. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start to pick up the language! Boa sorte – good luck!

Starting off: Basic Greetings and Expressions in Portuguese
Goodbye and Farewells
Personal Questions
Getting to know each other in Portuguese, Part I
Getting to know each other in Portuguese, Part II
Who are you? Biographical Information in Portuguese

Asking questions in Portuguese

Talking about Family in Portuguese

Work or vacation?

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